Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet an artist.... Michelle Villarreal

This is Michelle....
And this is what she says: The majority of my work is an abstraction of nature and geometric complementarity between objects, figures and lines. Portrayed landscapes or urban physicality are usually representations between actual places, but have no distinct characteristics that allow for certainty of location. I document and create using a 35mm or video cameras, in which the work is reflexive of contemporary society through ethnographic study, fabrication of characters, and re-enactment. In sculpture, natural and geometric aesthetics are also incorporated, but are represented through the photographic medium to viewers who were not bodily present at the time. The work in person becomes much more evocative of intended purpose through construction or constructs of spaces. There is self-reflexive humanistic concern in relation to our 'natural' environment in all works. I am interested in comprehensions regarding the natural and how it becomes an indefinable space. I created reactionary work that presents concepts, which have been contorted to satisfy an understanding of what is 'natural' and organizational qualities that are imposed upon our environment.

To see more of her work, come to Patterns & Portraits this March 12th at The Garden!
But in the meantime, look at this:

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