Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet an artist.... Frank Rouch

This is Frank Rouch....
And this is his statement....It seems like an intense thing to imagine but now, more than ever people need art with heart, soul and sincerity. We’ve collectively been stuck in a decade of nihilistic, mediocre nonsense. We shun and disconnect individuality, abandoning all passion and gratification, replacing it with social acceptance. The artistic output of the past century has come in the form of angels and demons, but labeling, putting it into words is quite meaningless in the long run. That’s why we need to paint the pictures that speak a thousand words to convey the realities and illusions of our lives.
Out of respect towards the audience of my art I choose to let the viewer figure out the message/ metaphor, as art is subjective. However I feel artists have a responsibility, an obligation to comment on the social unrest in everyday American life. My goal is to capture, isolate and dissect the ills of the America
n conscious. Show the viewer the true face of a society who’s deep dark secret is the need to be comfortably barbaric.

Here are some examples of his work....

To see more of his work, come to the Patterns & Portraits show this March 12th!
But until then, check out his blog:

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