Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet an artist.... Carrie Vinarsky

This is her statement: The art I make takes many forms. Some of it is made with groups of people in a room filled with strangers, and some alone at my desk. I work in the mediums of printmaking (limited mostly screen printing these days), Rock n' Roll ( I am a bass player and scream in the band Cacaw), large sculpture and instillation (usually for a performance), fiber arts and design.
Thematically my work meditates on human kind's modern nature, how it has developed, how it will continue
to change around and within us. I am interested in animals, plants, humans in nature, human's destruction of their own environment, sexuality, and fantasy. The images I make tend to have a somewhat surreal vibe, sometimes ornate and beautiful, other times grotesque, always detailed.
Another strong quality of all my work is it's hand made tactileness. I love learning technical crafts and how they can limit and mediate my art. Printmaking posses this quality, as well as my new pursuit of tattooing. In recent years I have begun to value functionality in what I create. Printmaking, and specifically screen printed posters and album cover art , naturally fulfill this desire of mine. They are easily dispersed and seen, and this is why I have concentrated on them in the past two years.

As I gro
w older my commitment to and dependency on my art making burns strong. I continue to make my way through the world using my art as a way to navigate and communicate.

Here are some examples of her work....

To see more of her work come to the Patterns & Portraits show this March 12th!

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