Sunday, January 30, 2011

Meet an artist.... Frank Rouch

This is Frank Rouch....
And this is his statement....It seems like an intense thing to imagine but now, more than ever people need art with heart, soul and sincerity. We’ve collectively been stuck in a decade of nihilistic, mediocre nonsense. We shun and disconnect individuality, abandoning all passion and gratification, replacing it with social acceptance. The artistic output of the past century has come in the form of angels and demons, but labeling, putting it into words is quite meaningless in the long run. That’s why we need to paint the pictures that speak a thousand words to convey the realities and illusions of our lives.
Out of respect towards the audience of my art I choose to let the viewer figure out the message/ metaphor, as art is subjective. However I feel artists have a responsibility, an obligation to comment on the social unrest in everyday American life. My goal is to capture, isolate and dissect the ills of the America
n conscious. Show the viewer the true face of a society who’s deep dark secret is the need to be comfortably barbaric.

Here are some examples of his work....

To see more of his work, come to the Patterns & Portraits show this March 12th!
But until then, check out his blog:

Friday, January 28, 2011

let's band together

we are searching for a couple more bands that might be interested in playing during this show...
so far, House Sounds said they'd play, but i think we still need maybe 2-3 more bands...
any rad ideas?
are you in an awesome band?
or... do you know a groovy band?
email me here:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet an artist.... Carrie Vinarsky

This is her statement: The art I make takes many forms. Some of it is made with groups of people in a room filled with strangers, and some alone at my desk. I work in the mediums of printmaking (limited mostly screen printing these days), Rock n' Roll ( I am a bass player and scream in the band Cacaw), large sculpture and instillation (usually for a performance), fiber arts and design.
Thematically my work meditates on human kind's modern nature, how it has developed, how it will continue
to change around and within us. I am interested in animals, plants, humans in nature, human's destruction of their own environment, sexuality, and fantasy. The images I make tend to have a somewhat surreal vibe, sometimes ornate and beautiful, other times grotesque, always detailed.
Another strong quality of all my work is it's hand made tactileness. I love learning technical crafts and how they can limit and mediate my art. Printmaking posses this quality, as well as my new pursuit of tattooing. In recent years I have begun to value functionality in what I create. Printmaking, and specifically screen printed posters and album cover art , naturally fulfill this desire of mine. They are easily dispersed and seen, and this is why I have concentrated on them in the past two years.

As I gro
w older my commitment to and dependency on my art making burns strong. I continue to make my way through the world using my art as a way to navigate and communicate.

Here are some examples of her work....

To see more of her work come to the Patterns & Portraits show this March 12th!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet an artist.... Rachel Wolfe

This is Rachel Wolfe....
Rachel Wolfe loves stories. Her story starts out in a small town in Northern Illinois. Photography found her somewhere during college, and they've been best friends ever since. As a minimalist and naturalist, she specializes in the use of natural light. Her works have been published both internationally and stateside. When not behind a camera, she does yoga, roams the great outdoors, reads real books and concocts mighty tasty gluten-free dishes and deserts.
Here are some examples of her work....

Rachel gladly accepts freelance assignments, commissions and love notes, so don't hesitate to say hi!

And see more of her work at the Patterns and Portrait show, but for now, check out her websites: /

Where is it?

Thanks Google Maps. You're neat.
Here's where the show will take place... On North Ave. right next to 'Handlebar'...
When? March 12th, I guess around 8 p.m. until 1 a.m.
Music, art, beer, photo souvenirs... Yippee!

Meet an artist.... Grant Reynolds

Grant Reynolds
is a Chicago-based comic book and fine artist. Much of his older, primarily black and white work is grounded in the realms of psychedelic and grotesque sexual imagery, often employing dense patterns and text with a heavy hatching of fine lines. His current work explores the nuances and ambiguities of gender and sexual identity through softer and more colorful mediums such as sepia tone India ink, colored pencil and paint markers. Comic Diorama, a book of collected short comics, was published by Top Shelf in 2009.

Examples of his work can be seen at

To see more of his work, come to Patterns and Portraits this March 12th!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet an artist.... Nicole Capoccitti

This is Nicole Capoccitti.
Professionally trained in Fashion Design, she started her abstract “prismatic” designs from a frustrating night of pattern making & sewing, wanting to create something that didn’t need as much precision with fewer rules. Her inspirations include mathematics, symmetry, shape & space, 60s psychedelia, vintage illustrations &photographs, and music. She also does fashion photography as well as frequently playing with images from a toy camera.
Here are some example of her work....

To see more of her work, come to Patterns and Portraits this March 12th!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet an artist.... Brett Manning

This is Brett Manning
She likes drawing and painting and photo taking.
She is terribly shy and sometimes pitifully emotional.
Here are some examples of her work....

To see more of her work, come to Patterns and Portraits this March 12th!
And in the meantime, check out her website: Brettisagirl